by Lili St Anne

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Portland’s folk-rock ensemble, Lili St Anne kick off their West Coast Tour today with a fitting new track “W O L V E S.” Led by Elizabeth Fagan on vocals and guitar, and with help by Jason Miller on percussion, Lili St Anne’s track and stamp in music is a soundscape of melting genres. The track’s distinct pull is quaint and otherworldly on an abstract level. Dark strums open the song to a bigger realm of “folk” than simple plucks of a guitar. As “Wolves” becomes more apparent in it’s mystical nature, the chemistry between Fagan’s words and Miller’s drumming is where the teeth of “Wolves” are shown. Fusing a hypnotic and punchy tight drumming against Fagan’s angelic yet painful vocals radiate to the end.

Fagan explains about the track: “I wrote W O L V E S as an ode to love at a time when I think it is very easy to give in to fear. These days, with what’s going on in our country, our cities, and our world, I feel we have to fight to hold fast to our love while wolves howl. It’s the first song that I collaborated on with Jason Miller, and the first song I wrote under the name Lili St Anne. It also features bass from Sam Arnold, and was mixed by my friend Alisdair Lee in his new studio in Portland. There were a lot of firsts in this track, and it’s also going to take us on our first tour. We have a release party on Thursday in Portland at Turn Turn Turn to kick off a three week tour of the West Coast, stretching from Vancouver B.C. to L.A.”


Swift Season

by Lili St Anne

released April 2, 2016

Guitar/Piano/Vocals - Elizabeth Fagan

Violin - David Adley

Guitar (Lion) - Neil Kirkpatrick